Readthebill.org: Sunlight Foundation Project Pushes for Mandatory 72-hour Period for Congress to Read Bills Before Voting

Readthebill.org is a Sunlight Foundation Project lobbying for a mandatory 72-hour period between the close of debate on a particular piece of legislation and the and the final vote on passage. The project was born out of the frustration felt by nearly all Americans when it became blatantly apparent that none of the members in either the House or Senate have read the legislation they have so confidently and indignantly voted up or down. 
The most recent example of this came just last week when the House passed a pathetic Climate Change Bill which had a 300+ page amendment attached at 3am on the morning of the final vote, which clearly none of the members (with the exception of Minority Leader John Boehner, who stood in filibuster on the house floor before the ultimate vote and read aloud the most ridiculous additions) had actually taken the time to read.

I say READ THE DAMN BILL, its your job!!! Hopefully these idiots in Washington don't f@#$ up the system too bad before the next generation of leaders have their say, though I am not too optimistic, as our problems seem to only get worse every time our "leaders" in Washington do anything to address them.

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